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I am very grateful in having Romel and his team at Personnel International USA facilitate the process for me to land a job and live my American Dream. The process from the time I signed the job offer until approval of petition took less than 30 days! At PIA-USA, they place candidates thru a direct-hire process and this is what I would highly recommend to anyone contemplating on which path to choose. Rest assured they are with you every step of the way

Bernadette N., MLS
Far Eastern University


It all started in the year 2010 when my husband and I talked about trying our luck at raising our family outside of the Philippines and we considered the USA for migration. So we processed our papers and took the ASCPi exam. After I passed the exam we started posting my resume online.  I applied on different job postings for the Medical Technologist positions in different hospitals in the US but got no response for most job postings prefer candidates who are already in the US. 

I then tried different placement agencies, but their process involved that you will be placed in a H1B lottery in which you will either be given a H1B visa for that year or not.  After almost 5 years of no luck and we almost gave up, a friend of mine introduced me to her friend who is already working in the US.  It was through her that we met Mr. Romel Canapi who helped her find an employer in the states. 

Mr. Canapi has his own company that helps aspiring Med Tech like me find an employer through direct hires, which I say much better and faster than Staffing agencies that I tried.

Mr. Canapi and my family stayed in contact and he helped me find an employer in the US, he coached me with what documents I need to process while waiting for an employer. Romel through Personnel International USA helped me and my family in every step of the way up until I got an employer, and even until we stepped to the US, my family and I can still count on Mr. Romel for support every time we need guidance.

Mr. Canapi through Personnel International USA made the entire process to transition to the employer easy, fast, convenient and the professionalism is excellent. He also makes sure my family and I understand the step by step procedure and processes of working in the US.  And Mr. Canapi even helped us through the rigid process of acquiring our Permanent Residence as a family.

I personally recommend Mr. Romel Canapi and his agency to all who wish to make their AMERICAN DREAM COME TRUE.


Now my family and I are permanent residents in the US.  A huge thank you to Mr. Romel Canapi and his supportive family for helping us reach our American dreams.

Ma. Neireza M., RMT, MLS(ASCPI)
University of Negros Occidental


Thank you, Sir Romel and team for doing such a great job in fulfilling my American Dream. I highly recommend Personnel International to all health care professionals who are seeking careers here in the US.

Aaron A. MLS
Trinity University of Asia

Michelle C..jpg

First of all, I would like to extend my gratitude for helping my American Dream made possible. From the very start, I knew already who I would come for help to process my documents for working visa. I remember we had this minor argument with my parents because I wanted your agency to help me start the process and my papa/mama were kind of hesitant because they didn’t even know you before and the agency. Nonetheless, I insisted them to just trust me. Now, I never regretted for putting my full trust in you during the process. I am thankful for reassuring me that even I got pregnant in no time, I could still go on with my dream to work in US.


Sir Romel is very kind and very patient to me everytime I kept on asking the same questions because sometimes I couldn’t understand the process/instructions and the same with my parents, too. He is also very transparent to us. He made it happen in a span of just 6 months. I am also surprise d that I came here so fast. I always recommend Sir Romel to all of my friends and colleagues to whom they would come for help also about their American Dream. 


By the way, I love my workplace here especially the people around me. Marcus Lewis, Stacy Johnson, and Nina Hollingsworth are so nice, kind and amazing people. God answered my prayer to put me in a workplace where people are kind and have a warming heart. 

Michelle C.
Arellano University

I am very grateful for the opportunity that I was able to receive, I didn't even have work experience after graduating, because I am an international student in the Philippines.
I was having a hard time landing or finding any job/agency, but thankfully I got to know Sir Romel, and was able to find me a job in the US through his help. (very reliable and fast!)

Myung Jin Park, MLS
Our Lady of Fatima University

Alzandra A..jpg

I knew Sir Romel through my cousin who is also one of the many Medical Technologists Personnel International USA helped in fulfilling the American dream. I highly recommend this agency for its fast and reliable processing. It only took 4 months from accepting the job offer to deployment even in the midst of the pandemic.


Thank you Sir Romel and team for guiding me in every step and for always being one email away whenever I have inquiries. God bless you more!

Alzandra C., MLS
Colegio San Agustin- Bacolod


Personnel International USA is the bridge that made my dream of working in the US a reality. Everything was processed thoroughly and I didn’t have to worry much even when I arrived in the states

April Joy N. MLS
University of San Agustin

Sherwood L..jpg

"Thank you Personnel International USA for seamlessly paving the way towards my American dream."

Sherwood L., MLS
Saint Louis University, Baguio

Marleth Piconnes.jpeg

I am a Clinical Laboratory Scientist/ Medical Technologist currently working here in the United States. I was referred by my review center (ACTS) to Personnel International USA last 2018. Mr. Romel was very helpful from day one until deployment. The recruitment process took only about 4 months.  


I would definitely recommend Personnel International USA to other healthcare workers who are seeking employment here in US. Thank you Mr. Romel for helping me achieve my American dream!

Marleth P., MLS

Centro Escolar University

Jellyann Calvadores.jpg

Personnel International USA did a fantastic job in helping me to achieve my American dream.


The processing was quick, efficient, and very professional. They made sure that I am well guided all throughout and when questions come up they are always willing to help. 


Thank you and God bless Mr. Canapi and team! 

Jellyann C., CLS

University of Perpetual Help System - Laguna

Romeo Quilang.jpg

Its been a pleasure working with Romel and his team. I appreciate their quick response, efficiency, and prompt follow-up to my queries during our collaboration. They’re able to understand the kind of work I was looking for, taking into consideration my strengths and putting me forward to the right job. They were always there to help throughout the process. I would highly recommend Romel and his team for your job placement needs!

Romeo Q., MLS

St. Louis University - Baguio City

Christia Gumal.jpg

My name is Christia G., I've been working as a Medical Technologist for the past 13 years. I've worked in Saudi Arabia from 2010 to 2018. In 2016, I've decided to take a leap of faith by taking ASCP and IELTS because I want to apply in the US and change my working environment. All my documents were ready but I can't find an employer who will sponsor me or hire me directly. In 2017, I asked my former dean, Shirley Cruzada if she knows someone who can help me find a job in the US and she highly recommended Sir Romel Canapi, also a former Trinitian and his agency Personnel International USA. So I gave Sir Romel a message and asked for his help. He got me an employer by November 2017 and by February 2018, I flew directly from KSA to the US. Everything was smooth sailing and the agency always gave an update and even Sir Romel would have a long-distance call to let me know the status of my application. I'm truly grateful to Sir Romel and his agency for letting my American dream come true.

Christia G., CLS

Trinity University of Asia

Bea D..jpg

Working with the agency has been a blessing since day one. Everything was planned thoroughly with time table set up just for my case. I had no problem getting the job that I have now, and had no difficulty on processing my documents since the agency helped me firsthand. And now, looking back, I dont think Ill be here without the agency’s aid. I am very blessed to be able to trust them and thankful for all their efforts. 

Bea D., MLS

St. Louis University - Baguio City


I have personally known Romel for almost 30 years now (Wow! 30 years?!). Without his help, encouragement, and perseverance, I will never be where I am today and for that, I will be forever grateful and humbled by the way this changed my life. 

Personnel International USA is a 100% reliable placement agency. In addition to their excellent immigration lawyers that take care of the whole process, they have a large network of employers that will guarantee your placement in no time. You will be guided every step of the way. 

The American dream does come true!

Hannah B., MLS

Frederick R..jpg

I want to say thank you to Personnel International USA for helping me secure a great job opportunity here in the US. I am impressed with the way that this team handled my application process. They were able to provide enough information on how the whole process works, very responsive to my emails and phone calls and really worked hard to advance my application. 


Also, they helped us process our Permanent Residency and in less than 5 years we received our Green cards.(God is so Good!) 

They really helped us achieve the American Dream and I strongly recommend their services to anyone planning to work here in the US.

Frederick R., MLS

Silliman University

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